44 Tips And Tricks For Getting Your Makeup To Look The Best It Ever Has

Just gently snap to open, tip to let the remover flow down, and then use!

Get a pack of 24 from Amazon for $4.99.

(Long, but worth it!) Promising review: “These are actually the coolest thing I’ve ever used as far as makeup removal goes. So, I like wearing a full beat, different eyeshadow/face looks every day of varying complexities — I’d like to think I’ve run into a multitude of problems that you’d probably be interested in knowing these bad boys take care of.

1. WINGED LINER??? These things clean up a cat-eye so easily you’ll be stuck with TOO MUCH time on your hands not having to worry about restarting those wings.

2. Oops! Mascara. So, let’s say you’re doing a a great job with your makeup and nothing is going wrong and life is good and the muses are WITH YOU and- BAM! Mascara comes in to ruin the show. Let’s say you accidentally hit the wand on the inner corner of your eye or nose, or you sneeze and now it’s EVERYWHERE, or you do everything correctly and it still manages to get everywhere (it happens). These sticks GOTCHU! Gently dabbing makeup remover over eyeshadow or foundation always means you’re gonna have to reapply in those areas (unless you have the time for the mascara to dry and just pick the crusties off) but it’s EASIER to get off with these!

3. Lipstick troubles! Hi, I overdraw my lips bc I don’t have lips to begin with. Sometimes I get a little too crazy and end up full Trixie Mattel. These take care of that. They also take care of just like, basic mistakes and smearing or whateverrrrrr.

4. Fallout? Boy, BYE. You ever put on black eyeshadow and end up with bad high school theater black eyes? Yeah no, clean those under eyes up and live your best life.

5. CUT CREASE! Now this is my favorite cause cut crease eyeshadow looks are amazing and wonderful but so hard to do, until you get yourself these MAGIC WANDS YO! Just cut those creases with THESE and slam some concealer into the new makeup-less lids for the most perfect, skin dragging-free application you’ve ever experienced.

Now, I’m probably leaving out a million other little reasons you should get these but oh my god find out for yourselves!! These are GREAT.” —Muse

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