5 bridal makeup tips every would-be bride should know

5 bridal makeup tips every would-be bride should know

Dec 10, 2022, 06:00 am 3 min read

5 bridal makeup tips every would-be bride should know These makeup tips will make you shine and glow on your big day

The most special day in a woman’s life, a wedding requires a lot of planning, from proper decor and seating arrangement to music and catering. While the bridal outfit is the focal point of a wedding, perfect makeup also enhances the beauty of the bride making her the talk of the town. Here are five wedding makeup tips every bride should know.

Prep your skin well before applying makeup

Before starting with your makeup application, cleanse your skin well with a gentle face cleanser. Apply a serum followed by a nourishing moisturizer all over your skin. Next, apply sunscreen with high SPF whether it is a day or a night wedding. Apply a water-resistant and anti-shine primer to minimize your pores and ensure that your makeup lasts long.

If you do not want a makeup blunder on your wedding, then remember to use the right concealer shade that will hide your dark circles and imperfections if any. Use a waterproof, oil-free, pigmented concealer in a thick texture and yellowish shade to cover red spots, broken capillaries, or blemishes. Use a peach-based concealer to hide bluish-purple tones around your eye area.

Use the perfect foundation shade

Your foundation shade can make or break the look. Make sure that the shade is the closest to your skin tone or the tone of your neck to avoid a chalky complexion or a washed-out look. You can use an airbrush foundation if you want a lightweight finish. You may also try a sheer foundation that makes the skin glow from the inside.

Not only your face but certain parts of your body are also exposed when you are wearing a wedding saree, lehenga, or gown. Therefore, it’s also important to even out your complexion on the back, decolletage, arms, and waist area. Remember to apply moisturizer and foundation in these exposed areas. Apply some gold shimmer powder along the collarbone to light up your face.

Choose a comfortable lipstick and balance your look

The lip shade is very important when it comes to bridal makeup. Prep your lips well by exfoliating them and applying a nourishing lip balm. Make sure to choose long-lasting and matte lipstick. You can go with dark red lips if your overall makeup is nude and muted. If you are going for smokey eyes, then a nude lipcolor will suit the overall look.

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