9 Makeup Tricks Celebrities Use To Get Full & Long Lashes That Look Natural On Camera

Have you ever noticed how Bollywood actresses have eyelashes which look like they are naturally long, curled, voluminous yet unclumped by mascara and separated into featherlight individual hairs? How do they get that clean and flawless lash look? What are the secret and magical eyelash-enhancing tricks at play here? We did some digging and found out, and now you’re going to as well!

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How actresses get natural-looking long lashes on screen

1. Celebrities wear more mascara at the roots, not the tips

Celebrity mascara hacks Credit: Dharma Productions, Star Studios

The purpose of mascara is also to frame the eyes in a way that it looks more defined, so the performer’s expressions are captured on screen. Mascara helps with this if applied a certain way.

• The trick is to deposit a lot of the product at the base of your lashes, making your lashline look thick and dark, thereby defining the outlines of your eye.

• Depositing most of the product at the root also helps lashes stay lifted for longer.

• If you apply too much mascara to the actual lengths of your lashes though, it’ll not only weigh the lash down making them limp faster, but they’ll look clumpy, cakey, and obvious.

2. Celebrity makeup artists use a metal comb to de-clump mascara

Why don’t actresses’ lashes look clumpy Credit: Yash Raj Films

If you’re wondering how an actresses’ mascara doesn’t look clumpy in close-up shots, allow us to explain.

• The most underrated yet useful tool in making eyelashes look naturally fluffy and long, is a mascara comb.

• These are tiny metal tools with fine, skinny teeth.

• After you apply your mascara and it’s semi-dry, you’re supposed to comb through your lashes with these, and they’ll pick up the excess product weighing your lashes down.

• Very useful for fluffy, separated, and feathery lashes, these remove clumps completely, making it hard to tell if you’re wearing mascara unless someone zooms into your eye.

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Mascara comb to reduce clumping Credit: Amazon India

3. Celebrity makeup artists use a heated lash curler

Eyelash curler hacks Credit: Dharma Productions, Jouska Films

For long shoot days, actresses need perky lashes which open up the eyes and stay curled for long periods of time. That’s why celebrity makeup artists don’t just curl lashes the way the rest of us do.

• They warm up the lash curler with a blow-dryer so that when they curl with a warm curler, the lashes stay lifted longer.

• Think of it like this: if you use a room-temperature curling iron, how long will that curl last if it even happens? Compare that to how long a curl created with a heated curling iron lasts.

4. Celebrities opt for individual false lashes

How individual lashes give celebrities a natural full lash Credit: Dharma Productions

Of course, celebrities use false eyelashes to enhance their look. But, they tend to go for a specific type of faux lash.

• Celebrities rarely use noticeable strip lashes.

• Their makeup artists painstakingly apply individual lashes.

• Individual lashes are basically sets of false eyelashes featuring a few lash hairs bound together with a tiny lash band at the bottom.

• So these have a very inconspicuous base, meaning their band is barely visible if applied carefully and close to the lashline.

• To make sure these are not sticking out, they also use a lash curler to blend the false lashes into the natural lashes and create less of a gap.

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Individual lashes for a minimal look Credit: Amazon India

5. Celebrities often wear false lashes under the lashline

Video credit: MUAriana via YouTube

Another trick makeup artists use which is gaining popularity on social media now, is applying the false lashes below the natural lashline.

• With this trick, the lashes are attached under your natural lashes, near the upper waterline. This is quite tricky to do for those who don’t have a steady hand.

• It is also hard to achieve with fake lashes which have a wide lash band.

• It can potentially feel pretty uncomfortable if the lash band is stiff and hard as well.

• But, it’s very effective in concealing the base of the falsies.

6. Kajal & dark lash glue help conceal lash bands

How to hide your lash band with eyeliner and dark glue Credit: Yash Raj Films

The most obvious giveaway someone is wearing false lashes is a visible lash band.There are some tricks you can try to make your lash bands look less apparent.

• One trick is to use kajal or eyeliner over it so that it blends in with the eyeliner.

• The other trick is to use black lash glue.

• Black lash glue looks like eyeliner and doesn’t leave a clear or whitish line at the base of the falsies.

iDiva loves: The Miss Claire Eyelash Glue Adhesive Dark Tone (Rs 295) is an affordable lash glue which works well and has a dark grey hue that blends in well with dark liners. Buy it here.

Black glue for false eyelashes Credit: Nykaa

7. Celebrities have access to the best products, including lash care

Tips and tricks for naturally long eyelashesCredit: Bhansali Productions, Amber Entertainment, Eros International

We all know celebrities use the best skincare, haircare, and makeup. Among many of the products they use is lash serums which help improve lash length and thickness. Lash serums are nutrient-rich oils which one applies to the base and lengths of the lashes in order to nourish them, encourage fresh lash growth, and fortify lashes from wear and tear.

iDiva loves: The Ordinary Multi-Peptide Lash And Brow Serum (Rs 1,450) is one of the best lash and brow growth serums. It comes with a brush-tip applicator with which you can easily apply the serum to the roots. Buy it here.

How lash serum makes lashes grow long Credit: Nykaa

8. A lot of celebrities get lash extensions or lash lifts

What do lash lifts and lash extensions do Credit: iStock Photo

Celebrities often get their lashes enhanced so that they look thick and long all the time, even without makeup. You can get your lashes enhanced for a semi-permanent period of time. This can be done through two methods: lash extensions or lash lifts.

• A lash extension involves sticking individual hairs piece-by-piece in the gaps between your lashes and near your lashline. These can last for a couple of weeks or months, depending on the quality of the service, and your maintenance. Think of it like semi-permanent false individual lashes.

• A lash lift involves pushing the lashes as high up as possible, and coating them in a chemical that makes them stay curled. This gives your natural lashes the longest length possible, with a bit of a tint as well. Think of it like semi-permanent mascara.

9. Camera angles have a lot to do with how a celebrity’s lashes look

Why celebrities’ lashes look so good onscreen Credit: Bhansali Productions

Last but definitely not least, we probably don’t realise if an actress’ lashes are looking clumpy or a lash band is visible because of strategic close-ups and editing.   

• If a lash band is sticking out in a clip, it will be visible in HD videos.

• So that close-up shot is probably either not making it into clips or is not noticeable enough unless you really zoom in.

• Plus, if the actresses’ eyes are open, you won’t be able to see the lash band.

• Not only that, but mascara clumps don’t show up in wide-angle shots which aren’t zoomed in.

Lead image credit: Dharma Productions

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