At 58, Shania Twain Shares the Serum She Uses to

It’s no surprise that Shania Twain is serious about skincare. Whether the star is walking the red carpet or performing high kicks on stage, she is always glowing. Lucky for us, Twain has been dropping a ton of beauty secrets. Not too long ago she revealed her five-minute daily makeup routine, and now she’s filling us in on her anti-aging nighttime skincare routine.

In a video for Harper’s Bazaar, Twain shared her must-have skincare products for gorgeous, healthy skin and the steps she follows to get her skin ready for bed. “My nighttime bed routine is all about me,” Twain said. “I love to go to bed with a fresh, clean face. That’s my way of getting the day off me.”

The star began by revealing the “positive side to menopause,” which, according to the “Queen of Me” singer, is that her skin is no longer “flaky” and prone to “breakouts.” Now, her skin type is “combination” with a “classic T-zone oily area,” she explained to viewers. Check out her step-by-step process below.

Remove makeup

The first step in Twain’s evening skincare routine is to remove her makeup with a homemade olive oil and sugar scrub. “Why do I use olive oil? You know, I’ve just learned that…anything oil-based does break down the makeup and flushes the pores out,” she explained (more on this in a moment). In the video, Twain begins by pouring “quite a bit of sugar” and “just a couple drops of olive oil” in the palm of her hand, mixing it up, and then gently rubbing it into her face. “So I don’t use makeup remover per se, I really just combine the olive oil and the sugar,” Twain says. “And I don’t rub it in hard.”

To remove the mixture, Twain takes a cloth with “pretty hot water” and wipes it away. “I like wiping it off instead of splashing it off because it’s all part of the exfoliation, and I’m just gentle about it.”

While olive oil may work for Twain’s complexion, “in general, it’s a no-no,” says Karan Lal, D.O., M.S., F.A.A.D., a double board-certified cosmetic dermatologist with Affiliated Dermatology in Scottsdale, AZ. Dr. Lal explains that while oils do, in fact, help dissolve makeup, he recommends using oil cleansers specifically formulated for the skin—or oils like marula oil, argan oil, or sunflower seed oil—instead. Why? “Olive oil is associated with fungal acne and regular acne by feeding yeast and disturbing the skin microbiome,” Dr. Lal says. Sugar can also increase those risks, as well as physically damage your skin barrier, which is why Dr. Lal suggests a chemical face exfoliator for a more gentle approach.

#5 The Serum#6 Night Crème

Rationale #6 Night Crème

Apply serum

After removing her makeup, Twain says that her skin “feels so good.” But she’s not done. “I’m still gonna moisturize,” she explains. The next step in her routine is the “anti-aging” Rationale #5 The Serum, which she says is “hydrating” and “plumps things up.” She uses the dropper bottle to dispense the serum onto her fingers before patting it onto wherever she is “getting fine lines,” including the undereye area and around her mouth.

Finish with a night cream

The final step for Twain is a night cream—specifically Rationale #6 The Night Crème . “I use my fingers. They say you’re not supposed to—I’m a bit of a wild child,” she says while dipping into the jar, warming up the cream in her hands, and applying it to her face, neck, and ears. “Ears get dry and wrinkly too,” she laughs.

And that’s it; her routine is truly that simple. “It’s nice to feel good without makeup on because I don’t do anything else to my skin. Maybe I should? But right now I’m just all natural,” she explains. “So that’s my nighttime bed routine. I like to keep it simple.”

Want more of Twain’s beauty products? Check them out below.

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