Charlotte Tilbury’s New Matte Blush Wand Is The MVP of

Happy February—love is in the air, Valentine’s Day is upon us, and indulgence is of the essence. Take yourself out to a nice dinner. Eat the chocolate. And, most importantly, give your self-care routine some TLC. Want to splurge on an at-home facial? ReVive’s new Triple Acid Peel will change your life. Is the bath your happy place? Up the ante with *chef’s kiss* hair care and set the scene with Homecourt’s rose-scented Room Deodorant. Need a makeup refresh? Charlotte Tilbury, Chantecaille, and Caliray have you covered. 

The month is short and the new beauty launches are many, so live it up, treat yourself, and buy that lipstick. If you need help deciding what’s worth your money, scroll ahead. Marie Claire editors have spent the month swatching and spritzing to whittle down the surplus of new beauty launches to the best out there. From adorable lip balms that will change your life to moisturizers that are bound to become staples, here’s the creme de la creme of makeup, skincare, haircare, and fragrance to hit shelves in February. To look back at our past favorites, check out the best new launches from January.

The Best New February Beauty Launches

The Best New Face Mask

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ReVive Masque de Brilliance Resurfacing Multi-Acid Mask

“If you know me, you know that ReVive is my all-time favorite skincare brand. I swear by their formulas and use their products day in and day out. Their newest launch is no exception. It’s a relatively intense peel powered by lactic, salicylic, and glycolic acid. Let it sit on the skin for a few minutes and you’ll be mesmerized by the final outcome—I promise. Skin looks brighter, healthier, smoother, and glowier.” — Samantha Holender, Beauty Editor 

The Best New Complexion Product

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Kosas Glow I.V. Vitamin-Infused Skin Enhancer

“I am a glowy girl. I love anything that makes me literally radiate, and Kosas’s new Glow I.V. does just that. I use it as a base product under my foundation (or in lieu of a foundation under my concealer on lighter days. I’ve tested a few colors and they’re all fab, but my favorites are Spark—a light champagne—and Illuminate—a light/medium champagne shade. I have (very) dry skin and I find that this leaves it looking hydrated thanks to superstar ingredients like the algae extracts. If you’re someone who suffers with dullness during this very cold time of year, you need this.” — Julia Marzovilla, E-Commerce Editor

The Best New Hair Serum

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Bumble and Bumble Bond-Building Repair Oil Serum

“Oils can get a bad rep—they’re too runny, too milky, too greasy, too shiny. The list goes on. But this one is different. The formula isn’t tacky, in facts its the perfect blend of water and serum, that doesn’t weight down your hair. It even adds softness and can be used as a detangler for thicker hair types.” — Deena Campbell, Beauty Director 

The Best New Dry Shampoo

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“I’m generally not a big dry shampoo person, because a) I have super-fine hair that tangles easily, and b) the addition of benzene in some dry shampoos—many of which were recalled at the end of last year—freaks me out. But Olaplex might make me into a dry shampoo person—I mean, they’ve made me into a hair oil person and a person willing to go to battle for their hair mask, so this feels like the natural next step. The brand’s new benzene-free dry shampoo contains its same bond-repairing ingredients it’s famous for—the ones that feel like jargon until you try it and bid farewell forever to dry ends and limp hair. I’ll take three, please.” — Jenny Hollander, Director of Content Strategy 

The Best New Makeup Brush

By Artis Fini Brush Skincare Edition

“You don’t have to spend $100+ for a premium, ergonomic beauty brush. Artis recently released their $39 Fini Brush – Skincare Edition, specifically for applying skincare formulas. I use it to add my daily Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow or the occasional pore refiner from It Cosmetics and appreciate the brand’s soft yet effective trademarked CosmeFibre bristles  But it’s not just for creams and serums. The large size and easy fin-like grip make it the perfect brush for blending or finishing any daily cosmetic routine.” — Tanya Klich, Senior Editor 

The Best New Setting Spray

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Caliray Surfproof Setting Spray

“My skin leans on the combination side, so by the end of the day, my makeup has typically faded, especially in my oily T-zone. But then I started using Caliray’s new setting spray. Now, I’ve noticed my makeup does not budge throughout the day, plus my oily skin is held at bay thanks to this spray’s added zinc lactate. This spray also has a refreshing effect with the loveliest, subtle coconut scent. I’m even more excited to see how this spray holds up during sweaty summer days.” — Brooke Knappenberge, Editorial Fellow 

The Best New Serum

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Lancer Skincare Ultra Hydrating Serum

“Winter is in full force (unfortunately), which means my skin is painfully dry. My normal moisturizer wasn’t cutting it, so I decided to toss this hyaluronic acid serum into my routine. Needless to say, I’m now obsessed. It’s creamier than other HA products on the market and instantly seeps into my skin—without leaving a tacky, sticky residue behind. Over the past few weeks, I’ve noticed that my skin looks plumper, feels healthier, and is undeniably more hydrated.” — Samantha Holender, Beauty Editor 

The Best New Hair Milk

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Pardon My Fro Moisturizing Hair Milk

“Let me be clear: The packaging is what got my attention (I was sold on the yellow lips and big earrings!) but the hydration and texture is what kept me coming back. The formulation isn’t too slippery or runny and it dries quickly so my curls easily hold their shape. I’m usually not big on hair milks, but this one will be in my arsenal for quite some time.” — Deena Campbell, Beauty Director 

The Best New Blush

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Charlotte Tilbury Matte Beauty Blush Wand

“Blurred blush is one of the biggest trends for 2023, so it shouldn’t be too surprising that Charlotte Tilbury is one of the beauty brands leading the charge. She essentially transformed her cult-favorite Pillow Talk glowy brush into a matte version, and it’s already gone viral. The formula blends like a literal dream (I recommend applying with a big, fluffy brush) and leaves a diffused pinch of color behind. There are three shades to choose from, but I’m partial to Pink Pop, a baby pink hue.” — Samantha Holender, Beauty Editor 

The Best New Face Cleanser

DamDam Snow Mushroom Salt Cleanser

“I’m always looking for ways to implement a little more luxury in my life, and recently, it’s been this cleansing kit from DamDam. The unique set comes with a salt cleansing bar as well as a traditional Japanese cleansing dish, and the formula itself promises to relieve skin of pollution, excess oil, and stuck-on makeup without any need for hard scrubbing.” — Gabrielle Ulubay, E-Commerce Writer 

The Best New Eyeshadow

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Chantecaille Wild Meadows Eye Quartet

“I’m a beauty editor—not a makeup artist. I know a good formula when I feel one, but I’m not out here doing wild cut creases and crazy eyeliner designs. I like products that are easy to apply, have great staying power, and obviously look amazing. Enter this Chantecaille quad. The pigments are wearable shades (I don’t neglect any of ‘em), blend super easy, and can all be mixed and matched. An added incentive to hit the “add to cart” button? Every purchase benefits Villa Abbatis Cultural Association’s work preserving the disappearing wildflower meadows.” — Samantha Holender, Beauty Editor 

The Best New Room Spray

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Homecourt Steeped Rose Room Deodorant

“I love my house to smell nice, but I’m terrified of leaving a candle burning when I leave the house. Homecourt’s new Room Deodorant changed all that for me. I have the scent Steeped Rose and I’ve found that it does all the work of a highly-scented candle with none of the anxiety. I spritz it in the kitchen after I’ve finished cooking or in my living room right before my friends come over so that my apartment always smells fresh. And while I’ve found that some room sprays leave me with a headache, I’m happy to report that this scent, while long-lasting, does not do that.” — Julia Marzovilla, E-Commerce Editor

The Best New Lip Balm

Rebel Refinery Refillable Lip Balm

“I’m obsessed with these little lip balms for two reasons: The little holders, which come in the shape of hearts, pineapples, and ice cream cones, are maybe the cutest things ever. And, the brand just came out with refillable pods, which makes my obsession way more sustainable. There are vanilla and strawberry flavors to choose from, each of which are equally as delicious—and hydrating.” — Samantha Holender, Beauty Editor 

The Best New Leave-In Conditioner

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The Body Shop Jamaican Black Castor Oil Leave-In Conditioner for Curly Hair

“If you have 4C textured hair, you know how essential Jamaican Black Castor oil is for promoting hair growth and preventing split ends. That’s why I was thrilled to learn The Body Shop added this vitamin-rich oil to its collection. The leave-in conditioner is a stand-out, as it’s loaded with vegan keratin protein and shea butter. Use it on dry or drenched curls.” — Deena Campbell, Beauty Director 

The Best New Night Cream

Payot Paris Lisse Resurfacing Night Cream

“Hear me out, this moisturizer is about to solve all of your problems. Whether aging, hydration, or dullness is your concern, this Payot cream is about to swoop in and save your skin. It features two types of hyaluronic acid to boost moisture, as well as swiss pine and wild pansy extracts, which have natural anti-aging powers. On the sensory front, you can expect a very creamy, rich, and luxe texture, which is paired with a soft, light scent. This has quickly become a staple in my nighttime routine, so much so that I actually look forward to washing my face.” — Samantha Holender, Beauty Editor 

The Best New Mascara

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GXVE Can’t Stop Staring Lengthening & Lifting Clean Mascara

“This mascara is more than just a fun name, the micro-bristles at the top of the wand reach every lash (top and bottom!) giving you full coverage at every step. The wand also has a little weight to it, which gives you control with every swipe. If you’re looking for length, volume, and curl, this mascara is worth picking up.” — Deena Campbell, Beauty Director 

The Best New Shampoo

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“After losing a lot of hair this past year, I’m extra careful about what products touch my head—and I can’t say enough good things about Michiru. It’s a new brand that made its way to the US via Japan. All of the products place an emphasis on scalp care and hair growth. You can’t go wrong with any of the products, but the Fullness line is my personal favorite. It’s formulated with something called Senburi Extract, which has been proven to promote hair growth, as well as silk protein, which has shine-boosting properties.” — Samantha Holender, Beauty Editor 

The Best New Eye Cream

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Dr. Brandt Skincare Fatigue Fighting Eye Gel

“Puffy eyes have nothing on this eye cream. I swear, within five minutes of applying this fatigue-fighting cream, I look more alive. It’s in part due to the cooling applicator, which mimics the powers of ice. It de-puffs, drains, and helps contour. But the super-powered ingredients are the real star. A special blend of adaptogens, peptides, and plant-derived stem cells wake up the skin, amp up brightness, and hydrate the under-eye area.” — Samantha Holender, Beauty Editor 

The Best New Brow Products

Trio Beauty The Ultimate Brow Metamorphosis

“I consider brow makeup and tinted lip gloss the most essential aspects of my daily cosmetics routine, so I was glad to finally try the Trio Beauty’s Brow Lifting Trio. I save the brow pen for when I need a bolder look but day-to-day, I can rely solely on just the brow pencil and lifting wax wand. The lifting wax applies and finishes clear so you can enjoy an easy, carefree application, perfect when you’re in a morning rush. The pencil meanwhile really does deliver that soft, laminated look. I always try to stick to brow products that promote healthy brows (versus those dry out, pull and tweeze at the follicles) so I love that the wax contains candelilla wax to act as a balm while the brow pencil contains coco-glycerides (derived from coconuts) which goes on smooth and silky.” — Tanya Klich, Senior Editor 

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