From preschoolers to teenagers: Skincare routine for kids according to

There is no set age for starting a skincare routine. However, if we had to pick a specific age, it would be advised to begin a parent-guided process around the age of 3 and a full-blown process around age 12, when the skin and hormonal levels start to change. It is recommended to begin the process with the essentials, such as a mild facewash, moisturizer, and sunscreen. Even though 12 is the recommended age to start a skincare routine, it is essential to inculcate basic hygiene habits in children at an early age so they get used to the process of taking care of their skin and overall hygiene, which will ease up the process going ahead. (Also read: Teen’s first skincare routine: What to use and how to start )

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Prasanna Vasanadu, Founder of Tikitoro, says, ” Instead of introducing everything at once, the goal should be to introduce products gradually over certain periods of time based on their age, with the initial goal being to establish a habit and make personal care a part of their daily routine.” She further suggested a skincare routine for kids according to their age.

  • Pre- Schoolers: 2-6 Years

At this age, kids are growing rapidly, learning to walk, acquiring language abilities, and learning to dress, brush their teeth, and bathe themselves, basically learning to be more independent, which makes it the right moment to start educating them about the need for basic hygiene, which includes frequently washing their hands and faces.

Here, personal hygiene needs to be more parent-led and restricted to simple items like body wash, shampoo, and lotion. To make the activity more enjoyable, try making it into a fun game like “Simon Says” or inviting your kid to imitate you as you are washing your face. Keep in mind that the objective here is to integrate personal hygiene habits into their regular routine without them realizing it.

  • School-aged children: 7-12 Years

As they get older, children become more independent and are in school. Parents are no longer the only people who have an effect on them, and they are starting to understand that they can make their own decisions. This is the ideal age range to begin establishing proper skincare practices. Their skincare routine should include a bath with a mild cleanser or body wash and shampoo of their choosing, followed by the use of a moisturizer to keep the skin soft and moisturized.

Since kids are starting school at this age, it is essential that they wear sunscreen all day to protect their skin. Additionally, this is an ideal age to begin facial care routines. Start simple with a hydrating facewash or mild facial cleanser.

In this age range and beyond, skincare is crucial. Teenagers frequently develop erratic skin, so maintaining healthy skin requires a healthy diet and skincare regimen. In addition to the previously followed routine, including the basics, it is recommended to begin a morning and evening skincare routine. This is also an excellent age to begin utilizing mild exfoliants on both the skin and the face but only use mild facial exfoliants on the face. Once a week, try applying a mild facial exfoliant. Exfoliants aid in the removal of dead skin cells, and using them at night is best.

To restore the pH of the skin to normal, use a moisturizing toner after. To ensure that the skin is hydrated and nourished, end the routine with a soothing cream or moisturizer.

In the end, the key to a successful skincare routine is simple: consistency. Regularly cleanse, moisturize, and apply sunscreen every day to keep the skin glowing and healthy!

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