How To Build The Perfect Skincare Routine

Step 4: Eye cream

The skin around the eye area is thinner and more delicate than other areas of the face, and therefore requires a little extra care. Our targeted treatments and eye creams will help reduce the appearance of dark circles, fine lines and puffiness, for eyes that look brighter and more awake.  

Try No7 Lift & Luminate Triple Action Eye Cream. This unique formula contains a hyaluronic acid and hibiscus firming complex, plus Vitamin C to help the skin look more balanced and even. With consistent use, the appearance of dark circles and eye puffiness is reduced. Alternatively, try No7 Restore & Renew Multi Action Eye Cream. It’s powered by our anti-wrinkle, firming and brightening complexes to help give you younger looking, revitalized eyes in just 4 weeks. 

Step 5: Moisturizer

Moisturizer gives your skin the hydration it needs to maintain its elasticity – the key to youthful looking skin. Apply moisturizer after you have applied your serum, as it will form a protective barrier on the skin’s surface and lock in the active ingredients from the serum.  

Try No7 Restore & Renew Multi Action Face & Neck Day Cream SPF 30 for younger looking, revitalized skin. It’s supercharged with age-defying technology, and a unique complex of calcium, amino acids and ceramides to give your skin a renewed, youthful glow. No7 Lift & Luminate Triple Action Day Cream SPF 30 also works wonders for skin tone that appears more even. Boosted by our unique Vitamin C pigmentation complex, as well as hyaluronic acid and hibiscus, it works to leave skin feeling firmer, with wrinkles visibly reduced. 

For an even more effective skincare routine, consider supplementing your regimen with a night cream. These are formulated specifically for when you sleep, with higher concentrations of ingredients to work their magic while you rest. Night creams are available for both the Restore & Renew and Lift & Luminate range. 


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