How To Emulate French Girl Jeanne Damas’s “Less Is More”

From their cult fashion brands to the apparent ease with which they achieve perfectly undone hair, the French have cornered the market in effortless cool. One of the women who brought modern Parisian style to the masses is the impossibly chic Jeanne Damas. She has 1.5 million followers on Instagram, has founded a successful fashion brand, Rouje, and today launches her first foray into skincare. 

Jeanne Damas.

Two years in the making, Les Filles en Rouje comprises a Face Cleanser, Cream and Oil, designed to make up a simple, three-step routine that will (God willing) eventually result in skin as luminous as Jeanne’s. “Like in the fashion side of the business, I always say that I love to see the woman before I see the clothes – my method with make-up is the same,” Damas tells me over the phone. “I don’t wear a lot of make-up, but to wear natural-looking foundation, you have to have good skin.” 

She also has another reason for creating the line. Having stopped taking the contraceptive pill a few years ago, she suffered a persistent bout of hormonal acne for the first time. Damas tried lots of different products and routines to tackle it, which only made her skin worse. “As soon as I recreated my simple teenage skincare routine – cleansing and hydrating, the basics – my skin began to look and feel good again,” she says. “I really believe that less is more, even with skin.” 

Her three products reflect this need for simplicity – and echo the minimal French approach to beauty. Made in France, the products harness the power of natural ingredients, look good on shelves and can be adapted to your skin and routine. The star of the range is the Face Oil, which combines a nourishing blend of avocado and grapeseed oils with vitamin C and prickly pear extract to protect, repair and boost radiance, while protecting the skin from the environment. 

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