It’s Official: This Map Shows America’s Top Thanksgiving Pies in Every State

No matter how much stuffing and mashed potatoes we eat on Thanksgiving, there always seems to be room for a little dessert. And more specifically, a slice of Thanksgiving pie. It’s almost as traditional as the turkey itself. But which type of pie does your family serve?

Whether it’s apple pie, pumpkin pie, or sweet potato pie—every family has their own tradition. If you ask Ree Drummond, it’s the nutty sweetness of pecan pie that’s made it one of her “all-time favorite pies on this earth.” Then again, her hubby Ladd could go for chocolate pie just about any day of the week. And if you want know which type of pie Americans are seeking out the most ahead of Thanksgiving, just take a look at the map created by our friends at Google!

The data comes from Google’s “most searched” pies, which means they rank highest by search volume for a given timeframe and location. In this case, they looked at data from the last 30 days in every state across the country. The result? A map that’s filled with mostly tried-and-true favorites but has a few outliers that might just surprise you.

“Thanksgiving is one of the most fun food days of the year, especially if people can get creative with it,” says Sabrina Elfarra, Google Trends Curator, “Looking at uniquely searched pies by state is a great way to see some of that creativity.”

most popular thanksgiving pies map 2023

Google Trends

Here, you’ll see that the top five most searched pies include:

  1. Apple pie
  2. Pumpkin pie
  3. Key lime pie
  4. Sweet potato pie
  5. Pecan pie

Other notable pies on the map include popular choices, like buttermilk pie in Tennessee and North Carolina, peanut butter pie in Arkansas, Indiana, Kentucky, and West Virginia, and cherry pie in Ree’s home state of Oklahoma. A few lesser-known pies, like grape pie in Arizona and Shoofly pie (a crumbly molasses pie) in Pennsylvania, would make for some out-of-the-box Thanksgiving recipes.

“I had never heard of shoofly pie,” Elfarra said, “so that was a cool one to learn about. I found out it was more specifically associated with Pennsylvania Dutch cuisine, so made sense it was unique to that state.”

If you’re looking to try a new pie recipe this year, maybe take a cue from one of the 50 states! It’ll also make for some fun Thanksgiving trivia at the holiday table.

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Kara Zauberman is the Senior Editor of Content Strategy at The Pioneer Woman, covering stories ranging from food, lifestyle, news, and more. When she’s not writing and editing, you can find her seeking out new restaurants or cooking for friends and family.    

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