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Put your best face forward with makeup that enhances your natural beauty. You’ll find plenty of top-rated products to make you feel special and look amazing. Because everyone’s coloring and looks are different, there’s a wide array of beauty products to choose from. Not sure where to start? Here are some important factors to consider as you select makeup for your new beauty routine.


Foundation is the base for all your other makeup. It can even out and brighten your skin tone, helping products like concealer and blush go on smoothly. Some foundations can even treat skincare concerns like acne and fine lines, doing double-duty. The right foundation makes your skin look like your skin — only better. Your first step in choosing a foundation? Matching it as closely as possible to your skin tone. It can help to try a few different shades to get an exact match. The most important thing is knowing whether you’re cool- or warm-toned. Check the veins in your arm. If they look blue and your skin has a pinkish cast, you’re cool-toned, and if they have a greenish cast to them or your skin has yellow or red cast, you’re warm-toned. Select a foundation with an undertone that matches your skin’s. Don’t forget to consider the season. You may need to go a shade darker in the summer if you’re out in the sun often.

Your next decision is the type of coverage you want. Sheer coverage allows your skin to show through somewhat, while full coverage can conceal it completely, which is ideal if you have scarring or dark spots you want to cover. If you have normal to dry skin, go for a dewy foundation to make your skin look brighter. If your skin tends to be oily, try a matte foundation to minimize shininess. Pressed powder foundations usually have great formulas for shine control.

Shop for concealer the same way you look for foundation, taking texture and color into consideration. The big difference here is that you’ll want concealer that’s a few shades lighter than your natural skin color. This helps brighten dark undereye circles, and you can use your concealer for contouring around your nose, lips, and chin to get the look you love.

Eye shadow and mascara

Eye shadow makes your eyes stand out, and these products also help you have fun expressing yourself with color. The best shades for you depend on your eye color. Those with brown eyes have huge flexibility with eye shadow colors, because almost anything looks great with this hue. Go for purples and golds to bring depth to brown eyes or muted greens to make them seem lighter. Blue eyes come alive if you stick to shadows with orange undertones, like coppers or bronzes. You can stretch this palette and make your blues even more intense with silver or gray. If you have green or hazel eyes, try shadows with copper, reddish, or purple tones.

Finish off a basic eye look with mascara on your eyelashes. It creates the impression of bigger eyes and helps them pop. Many mascaras aim to help you create different looks, so consider whether you want something natural looking or you want lots of extra volume and length. Be sure to check the color, too. If you’re fairer-skinned, brown and brown-black mascaras tend not to look as harsh. If you have a deeper skin tone or dark brown or black hair, black mascara can give you the drama you’re looking for.


Your makeup brushes are important keys for applying makeup beautifully. Choose brushes with natural bristles for applying powders to your face. These bristles hold onto the pigments and help you apply them exactly where you want them. Most people need at least four makeup brushes to get started: a large brush for face powder, a smaller fluffy brush for applying highlighter and bronzer, an eye shadow brush no larger than your fingertip, and a smaller chisel-tip brush for precision when applying eye shadow as liner.

How to shop

As you explore our makeup inventory, you have several options for shopping. You can shop by category to hone in on the specific products you want. Browse to see just products for your face, eyes, lips, or nails. You can also check out all of our makeup tools, mirrors, applicators, and full makeup kits. We have favorite brands sorted for you too, and you can narrow the selection to find just the products you need by using the filters on the left-hand side of the page.

If you’re not sure about makeup colors, we have an easy solution for you. Go ahead and choose a few colors that you think might work, and purchase them using our free store pickup option. Once you get your items and see the colors in person at your local Walmart, you can stick with the ones you prefer. We make it easy to return the ones that aren’t the right fit. Simply bring them to the Service Desk with your receipt, and we’ll process the return for you. Even if you don’t have a receipt, an associate at the Service Desk can still process your return. It couldn’t be easier to get a new makeup look you love.

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