Skin care ingredients

As consumers become more educated and search for new products and routines, the skin care market is constantly evolving. This increased knowledge has led to the emergence of new trends and a demand for inclusivity, transparency and specialised solutions.


Today, consumers are looking for efficacious skin care formulations that will bring wellness and that are good for health and the environment. They also want products and beauty routines that are practical and easy to use, but also customised solutions to express their true selves. Skin care products are not only efficient, they are now fun and consumers are ready to experiment new effective products.


How can we help ?


We develop active, emotive, effect and chassis ingredients that will help you formulate innovative and effective products with unique textures and trendy concepts that answer the needs of the consumer; regardless of their region or their beauty routine.


Here, you can find our most popular body care and facial care ingredients to create simple formulations or bring new life to your highly sophisticated skin care formulations. Find your next inspirational formula idea or key ingredient by browsing through trending skin care areas that feature our targeted skin care ingredients for these hot topics.


You will be able to find solutions for every part of the body and any needs. To help you finding the best ingredient for your future developments, we divided our skin care solutions into seven categories : ageing beautifully, body care, effortless cleansing, complexion enhancing, moisturising, pollution defence, and shaving & antiperspirants. You can also use our product finder to find the perfect ingredient that fits with your requirements.


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