The Best Under-Eye Treatments And Tips From Dermatologists

It’s not your imagination: the thinner, more delicate skin under your eyes shows signs of aging far sooner than other areas of the face on a great many people. The reason for this is fairly cut and dry. “The skin around your eyes lacks collagen and oil glands compared to the skin on your face and body, which makes it more prone to dryness, droopiness, lines, and wrinkles,” saysDr. Anna Chacon, a board-certified dermatologist and published author based in Miami Florida. But that fact probably doesn’t make you feel any better when your goal is to look refreshed and like you got a solid nine (okay, we’ll settle for six) hours of quality rest. 

While genetics and lifestyle habits do play a role in how your skin ages, sometimes there are things you can do to treat the area, both at home and in the office of a board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon. Read on to hear what experts have to say about the finicky under-eye area — all of their best tips and treatments. 

Why is the under-eye area difficult to treat? 

Of all of the areas on your face, under the eyes may prove the most frustrating to treat — creams never seem to work, concealer and foundation can easily begin to crack in the fine lines, basically ruining your overall makeup look, and why do dark circles continue to assault you even after you’ve slept well? 

“A prominent tear trough deformity is characterized by a sunken appearance of the undereye that results in the casting of a dark shadow over the lower eyelid,” explains Skincare Expert and Certified Dermatologist Dr. Dylan Alston. “This gives us a fatigued appearance despite adequate rest. It is often difficult to correct or improve with just cosmetic concealment. The main reason for this under eye phenomenon is due to a loss of volume or fat in the upper cheek which causes a sinking and descent of the cheek. The darkened appearance is due to the thin epidermis and visibility of the blood vessels under the skin.”

Of course, surgery and cosmetic procedures are not everyone’s cup of tea. Here are a few at-home treatments and tips dermatologists recommend trying. 

Under-eye gel patches 

“If you are looking to improve and smooth the under-eye area BABE GLOW Brightening Undereye Gel Patches is the product I can’t recommend enough,” Dr. Alston says. “These gel pads feature an adherent base that delicately cling to the under eyes. It delivers a supercharged formula rich with ingredients like niacinamide and antioxidants that result in a brighter, hydrated and plumper under eye.”

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Similar to how you (gentle, we hope) exfoliate the skin on your face, exfoliating under the eye can slough away dead skin and help brighten your complexion. 


“Just like any other part of the body, dead surface skin cells can build up underneath the eyes, preventing your products from fully absorbing and targeting that area,” says  Dr. Enrizza P. Factor, a clinical dermatologist and researcher with “Gentle exfoliation as well as adding moisture under the eye helps create a smoother appearance.” Dr. Factor also recommends keeping the area hydrated with an eye cream and massaging the product into the under-eye area. 


And this leads us to perhaps the most important tip: 




“Consistently moisturize your skin,” Dr. Chacon says. “Making ensuring your skin is continually hydrated is the first step to maintaining tight, wrinkle-free skin around your eyes. Skin tends to contract and seem crepey when it is dry. One of the first places where this manifests is beneath your eyes.”


Some of Dr. Chacon’s favorite hydrating products for under the eye include: Tatcha Luminous Deep Hydration Firming Eye Serum, Plexaderm Rapid Reduction Eye Serum, and Glow Fairy Instant Eye Repair Serum. 



In-office procedures 


There are times when topical at-home treatment won’t be enough to give you dramatic results that you want. “Procedures are really a game changer for under eye correction,” Dr. Alston says. “The two best procedures include the use of a fractionated laser to both tighten and tone the lax skin as well as volume restoration in the form of fillers. I also use the Babe Glow Brightening Under Eye Gel Patches immediately post-procedure to lock in moisture, reduce bruising and help the skin recover.”


Lower eyelid surgery, often known as blepharoplasty, is another option that involves the removal of extra fat and sagging skin to tighten and smooth the remaining skin beneath the eyes, according to Dr. Chacon. “As a consequence, the eyes appear much fresher and more vibrant,” she says. 


No list of skincare tips for any area of the face would be complete with a reminder to wear SPF each and every day (30 or higher). Finally, invest in a chic pair of sunglasses to keep your eyes protected from the sun’s rays — while looking ultra sophisticated. 

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