Trend Alert: These Nail Colors Are in This Fall, According to the Pros

Once the autumn leaves begin to change hues, that’s your cue to do the same! From swapping out your summer wardrobe for cozy sweaters to transforming your look with fall-friendly hair colors, it’s time to embrace an autumnal state of mind. One of the simplest (and most significant) ways to do that is by switching out your nail polish bottles for the latest trending colors. To help you do that, we spoke to New York City-based editorial manicurist, celebrity nail artist, and Essie’s Global Lead Educator Rita Remark to bring you trending shades that are sure to be just as cool as the crisp months ahead.

According to Remark, “When it comes to fall, like leaves, nail color trends tend to desaturate and deepen. Traditional fall colors are cherry reds, navy, deep brown, or grays.” But just like with your fall dresses, the trends change from year to year. That means before you give yourself an at home manicure or treat yourself to an appointment at your favorite salon, you need to know which fall nail ideas are going to garner you the most compliments when you go to post that obligatory fall photo of your hand wrapped around a warm pumpkin spice latte! After all, “they draw the whole look together.”

When picking your polish this year, think: earthy and natural tones, rich and deep shades, as well as twists on classic favorites. Whether you’re planning Thanksgiving nail designs, Halloween nail designs, or need a look to carry you from day to day, this handy guide will point you to this year’s most happening harvest hues (along with tips on trendy shapes and designs) so you can enjoy the beauty of the 2023 season right at your fingertips… literally!

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“Every season has its neutral trend and for fall 2023, espresso is it,” says Remark. It’s classic, so complementary on all skin tones and nail styles, and gives the coziest seasonal vibes. Basically, just like its namesake, this polish color will be steaming! Remark adds, “A dark chocolate nail is perfect for when you wanna wear a nude, but not subtle.” So, stock up on Remark’s picks of Essie’s cool-toned Take The Express-O or the warmer No To-Do. Another lighter beige-y option is Sally Hansen’s Raw Cocoa.

Essie No To-DoEssie Expressie Take The Espresso

Essie Expressie Take The Espresso

OPI Espresso Your Inner Self

OPI Espresso Your Inner Self

Sally Hansen Raw Cocoa

Sally Hansen Raw Cocoa

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Transitioning from season to season is made easy when you have a color as versatile (and gorgeous) as green. Where spring and summer offer bold neons and light pastels, autumn lends itself to seasonal shades like olive. Sitting between green and yellow on the color wheel, Remark says, “This deep, dirty green is a perfect combination of bold, yet sophisticated.” Plus, it matches so well with other seasonal shades. Remark recommends Essie’s rich Meet Me at Midnight. For a lighter version of this look, you could also try CND’s Olive Grove.

Essie Meet Me At Midnight

Essie Meet Me At Midnight

OPI Suzi - The First Lady of Nails

OPI Suzi – The First Lady of Nails

Cirque Colors Wall StCND Vinylux Olive Grove

Indigo Blue

Just imagine the chic contrast when pairing deep blues on your nails with the warm autumnal shades seen in your wardrobe. Take it from Remark: “It’s navy, but with a drop of violet. Think of this color like your favorite pair of blue jeans, it goes with everything.” Not an exaggeration! We wouldn’t be surprised if you wear this dark and dreamy color on repeat all season. Remark’s pick is Essie’s stunningly saturated Step Out of Line. A similar sapphire shade on our radar is Londontown’s Buckingham Blue.

Essie Step Out Of LineOPI Yoga-ta Get This Blue!

OPI Yoga-ta Get This Blue!

Londontown Buckingham Blue

Londontown Buckingham Blue

CND Shellac Sassy Sapphire

CND Shellac Sassy Sapphire

Vamp Red

As for Rita Remark’s favorite shade of the season? Insert: Vamp Red. She says, “Deep, dark, almost goth-girl, reds will be everywhere this fall. Think: almost black, but add red.” She adds, “I’ve always said that red nails are a neutral for me, so I’m excited to wear my nails deep vampy red this season. Especially on top of shorter more squoval shaped nails. This color on long nails can look a bit witchy.” For the quintessential vampy red color, her recommendation is Essie’s Wicked. It’s a moody and mysterious purple-brown that will put you in the seasonal spirit as soon as you’ve put on the first coat. OPI’s Got the Blues for Red is also perfect for dramatic daily wear.

Essie WickedOPI Got the Blues for Red

OPI Got the Blues for Red

Manucurist Dark PansyCND Shellac Oxblood

Tips on Texture and Shape

Picking out your polish is just the beginning! Once you’ve settled on a seasonal shade (or two), you can also decide on design. If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry! We asked Remark about upcoming fall nail trends in terms of design, shape, and style, and she let us in on the latest: “We’re going to see a lot of texture and depth in polish like metallic, velvet, glaze, chrome, and more. Shorter, more sporty lengths will also be making a comeback this season.”

She also tells us, “Nails are the meeting point between beauty and fashion so taking what colors and textures are trending in fashion into consideration is always important because you know that the nails will have to compliment them.”

So, go ahead and try your hand at a few of this year’s trending colors and designs! We have no doubt you’ll nail it.

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