What To Look For When Buying A Fridge For Your

Skincare fridges come in several sizes, ranging from four to 15 liters. To decide what size is right for you, you may want to take inventory of the skincare items you want to store in your fridge and the amount of counter or vanity space you have. A 4-liter fridge is a great choice if you have six or fewer products (that are up to 12 ounces). However, if you have more than a handful of items that you want to store in your fridge, you should go up a few sizes.

For reference, a YouTube video shared by lifestyle vlogger Irem Wlazlo showcases the difference in size between two skincare fridges. The 4-liter fridge on the left is relatively small compared to the 10-liter one, but it comfortably fits her face masks and compact items. The larger, 10-liter fridge is spacious and holds up to 11 of her various-sized products. If you prefer to store several large items in your fridge, you may want to opt for a whopping 15-liter one, which content creator @thebeautyvault shares in a TikTok video. She could fit over 15 items in her skincare fridge, including masks, moisturizers, facial tools, serums, and more.

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