Yup, These French Pharmacy Products Are Actually Deserving of the

French pharmacy skincare products have long been lauded as the ‘ne plus ultra,’ or absolute best, for good reason, says Dr. Engelman. “French skincare brands have rich origin stories and a deep heritage. Many have been in the business of beauty long before the U.S. was even declared a sovereign nation.” French skincare is tried-and-true, adds Dr. Marchbein. “They’re not trendy or social media-driven.”

French skincare is famous for quality ingredients, gentle formulations, and ultra-emollient textures that are designed to promote a healthy skin barrier. This is why many of the cult-favorites (like Biafine, Cicalfate+, and Homeoplasmine) are thick balms and ointments. “These excellent moisturizers tend to be creamier, heavier, and more occlusive, as opposed to lightweight skincare formulas in the U.S.,” says Dr. Marchbein.

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