Bobbi Brown Shares Makeup Tip She Wants ‘Women of a Certain Age to Know’

  • Bobbi Brown shares makeup tips for women over 30.
  • The three tips are so simple and easy to try.
  • Plus, she confides what she wants “women of a certain age” to know about shimmer.

Bobbi Brown’s makeup tips never disappoint. In fact, we’d venture to say that the Jones Road Beauty founder has never steered us wrong. Whether sharing the best products to use to feel confident or the “miracle” product she loves using in her “mid-60s,” she knows what’s on our minds. Now, the beauty pro reveals her best makeup tips for women over 30, including the one thing she wants “women of a certain age” to know—and it might surprise you.

Ahead, Brown shares her quick, simple tips for glowing skin and gorgeous makeup with Prevention.

Miracle Balm

Jones Road Beauty Miracle Balm

Hippie Stick

Jones Road Beauty Hippie Stick

The Shimmer Face Oil

Jones Road Beauty The Shimmer Face Oil

Hydrate skin

First up is hydration. Brown always touts the importance of drinking water, but she also knows a good moisturizer does wonders for the skin. “Moisturize like crazy,” she says. Hydrating skin helps plump fine lines and primes your palette for makeup. Though she shared the drugstore moisturizer she’s a “fan” of, she also reaches for “The Hippie Stick. But you could also put some of The Miracle Balm on. You could put it anywhere.”

Add glow all-over

Why stop at your face? She recommends applying Miracle Balm on your body (think chest, décollatage). And she wants women to lean into a bit of sparkle. “I think women think if you’re a certain age you can’t wear [shimmer],” Brown says. “The truth is you can—just don’t put it all over your face.” She says you can even try the Shimmer Face Oil, which she says is “beautiful.”

Spice things up with red

Though not a fan of red lipstick on herself, Brown loves a classic “red nail.” She says it’s, “Very chic. Very Parisian.” If you want to try a red pout, opt for a red gloss or Lippie Stick for a subtle wash of color.

Want even more tips from Brown? Check out some of her must-have products below.

Miracle Balm

Jones Road Beauty Miracle Balm

The Face Pencil

Jones Road Beauty The Face Pencil

The Lippie Stick

Jones Road Beauty The Lippie Stick
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